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His Holiness Shri Chamunda Swami Ji has been serving humanity for more than 35 years. His vision for Shakti Kriya is to make it a source of pure wisdom adopted from our traditional sacred teachings. Swami Ji has been guiding teachers in Shakti Kriya and aims to create a team of dedicated teachers globally so that our coming generations don't have to struggle to learn such sacred practices of self realization. Considering the increasing stress, it will become a necessity to spend few minutes everyday in the company of peace and love. Swami Ji believes with the power of meditation, we can overcome our daily stress and live a happy life effortlessly.

Chamunda Swami Ji dedicates his time and life work to guiding others to realizing their true potential. As put by one devotee, "Swami Ji is not a miracle machine. You make your own miracles. He is not a liar. He will neither feed you unrealistic expectations, nor play into what people are expecting to hear. Instead Swami Ji offers what insights he carries and provides an accurate description on what he can offer. He will guide you to your true self."

Chamunda Swami Ji has practiced spiritual healing in several parts of India including Gujrat, Delhi, Punjab, and Mumbai. In 1998, he continued his journey internationally to New York. Since then, he practices healing in USA as well as India. Swami Ji also conducts world tours conducting spiritual seminars on Mantra and Spiritual Healing discourses, and provides opportunities for audience involvement. These seminars have successfully been carried out in diversified cities such as Washington DC, New Jersey, California, Canada, Hong Kong, India, & Sweden.

He is a author of book ‘Adhyatimic Chikitisa Ka Aayam’ and to date has appeared on over 10 television shows, including South Asian channels Zee TV, Star plus, Colors, Imagine, PTC, Sahara, and Alpha to mention few.

You may visit his official website to learn more about him.

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